Friday, November 15, 2013

Slacking on the blog front and a new addition to the family

Sorry I have been slacking on the blog front lately. 
I have a tendancy to get so wrapped up in my quilting that I neglect everything else.
To make up for lost time I am going to post a few blogs tonight or morning or whatever it is now...
I will start by introducing my new friend, I don't know her name yet but she sure is awesome.  She is a 1956 Singer 201-2.

She is a little dusty here as I had just got her home.  She has since gone in for a good cleaning and a tune up since her previous owner had no idea when she was last tuned.  We have been very busy.  In the last month and half since she joined the family we have completed 3 full quilts and pieced another 1 1/2. 

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