Saturday, July 27, 2013

Detour for bags

So I took a small detour from my quilting journey to create a messenger bag and some reversible cheerleader tote bags for my niece. 

messenger bag with adjustable strap

The exterior is 2" squares of multi-color polka dots pieced together and the interior is the same fabric as the flap.

The tote came out so cute that I just can't stand it.  Go Bulldogs!!! 

main side

secondary side

The primary side is made with 2 fabrics pieced together and then trimmed with a chiffon ruffle and ric rac in school colors, then i appliqued her jersey numbers onto it.  The interior is also trimmed with a chiffon ruffle and ric rac.

These were quite fun to make, I will post a tutorial soon...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hi, my name is Adelle.  I was named after my Great-Grandmother, Adeline. I have many fond memories of spending time at her home playing cards, dice and board games. She always had an open door and some fresh strawberry jam for us great and great-great grand kids, all twenty something of us.

I have loved quilts and dreamed of learning to quilt for as long as I can remember. I finally decided that it was time to try a couple of years ago.  I purchased a kit from a local quilt store for a very simple block quilt and another for a rag quilt. They came out okay for a first timer.  I tried once more a few months later with a slightly more involved pattern and after assembling the blocks I realized the importance of keeping an accurate 1/4" seam. Not a pretty site!  I was so discouraged that I put the blocks into a storage box and forgot about them. So I gave up for a while.   

In early 2012 I was contemplating whether or not to give it another go.

When I learned that an acquaintance was expecting a baby girl I decided that it was time, so I subscribed to a magazine and bought a book that showed in great detail how to piece several different traditional quilt blocks and taught myself the basics.

In mid-2012 I was shopping for fabric to start the baby quilt when I fell in love with a beautiful vintage floral the reminded me of my Great-Grandmother.  I purchased the floral and some coordinating tonal prints and made this simple, yet beautiful (I think so anyway) quilt with bento boxes on point with white sashing.

The quilt bug truly bit me in November / December 2012 when I was making the log cabin quilt below for a dear friend who was experiencing some medical issues and the only way I knew to give comfort and encouragement was with a quilt.  I had an inspirational verse (Psalm 29:11) embroidered onto the fabric that I was using for the border.

I have made several since and will post a bit about them in the future.  Unfortunately, I have never been much of a picture taker so I apologize in advance because some quilts I never even thought to photograph, and those that I have are not the best quality photos. 

 I will also post some tutorials and tips on tools and tricks that have been helpful to me during my quilting journey.