Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oh, the messes I make for myself!

I decided that I wanted the colors to change more frequently in the jelly roll race quilt and I wanted to add a lighter solid to brighten up the darker fabrics. So I cut all of my strips into 3 different random lengths and cut different length strips from a cream solid that I had left over from Andrew's Argyle. I must admit that "scrappy" is not really my thing and I tend to agonize for hours and sometimes days over the color placement. I don't have the extra time to waste on this project since the Birthday party is on Sunday and it is currently Tuesday evening, and I have to work all week. So I am going to play a little game with myself and hope for a good outcome. I tossed all of the chopped up strips into a laundry basket and gave them a good mixing. I have challenged myself to grab blindly from the basket for each strip and it is going on in that order, period. The only rules are: 1) NO PEEKING!!! and 2) I can only throw a strip back if it is the same fabric as the one it will be placed next to. Off to the races! Wish me luck...

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