Monday, August 26, 2013

Baby Argyle Quilt

I wanted to make a last minute birthday gift for a little boy turning four, so I made this adorable quilt. It is based on the Baby Argyle pattern by Angela Yosten. I assembled the squares and the remainder of the quilt top a little differently and added raw edge applique letters at the bottom for the name. Although I tried a few new-to-me techniques, it was pretty easy and quick to assemble. It only took 3 evenings after work to piece the top and one more late night after work to quilt it. This was my first time incorporating free motion quilting (around the letters), my first time doing raw edge applique on a quilt and the first time adding decorative hand stitching (the dark lines through the argyle blocks). Some of these turned out better than others but I'm trying my best to not notice my imperfections. I am going to mail it tomorrow. I hope he loves it as muh as I do! (the pictures are not the best quality and, silly me, I can't figure out how to rotate them, maybe another night when I am a little more awake)

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