Monday, September 9, 2013

Quilting ADD

I am having a little trouble staying focused on any one project lately.
I completed 2 quilts recently that were for last minute birthday gifts.  Andrew's Argyle was a hit with him, his parents and grandparents. 
Also, the chopped jelly roll race was a hit with my husbands grandmother.  I should have posted completed pics after it was quilted and bound, but silly me forgot to take any pictures of it.
I should be working on finishing up the "Piked Peaks" quilt but after making the third, yes third, back (long story I will save for another day) and getting it basted I was having issues with the thread I was using to quilt it.  After only 2 rows of quilting the thread started shredding on the third.  After un-sewing about 3 feet of stitiching I was so frustrated that I threw it in a laundry basket and gave up...for now. 
I have so many projects that I should be starting, in addition to finishing "Piked Peaks".  I purchased the fabric to start a Christmas gift quilt in July but haven't even made the first cut.  I also need to make an airplane themed baby quilt, but I haven't decided exactly what to do with it yet.  I guess it's time to sit down and play in EQ7 and start making some decisions.  And then there are the quilts that co-workers have requested, that's another 3 to add to the list.  Oh boy!
I have been feeling so frustrated that I haven't even plugged my sewing machine in since last Thursday, that is 4 days of no sewing and I am starting to have a bit of withdrawal.  So the little wheels started spinning in my head while driving home from work today.  I have decided that since I have given away every quilty thing I have ever made that it is about time to take a little break from every one else and be a little selfish.  I got this china hutch this weekend from a good friend that is moving away.  Now I will have somewhere to stash my quilting tools in the dining room where I sew instead of carrying everything back and forth to my bedroom closet.  I think it needs a little something quilty, like a table runner, to cover the top.  So I am going to make a couple hundred half square triangles to make a scrappy top.  I need the practice with HST's before I start the Christmas quilt so I guess I will just kill both birds with one stone.
(or all 9 of them on the hutch, I didn't realize I had a bird collecting problem)
Okay, I will stop venting now.  If you made it this far, thank you for listening.

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