Saturday, July 27, 2013

Detour for bags

So I took a small detour from my quilting journey to create a messenger bag and some reversible cheerleader tote bags for my niece. 

messenger bag with adjustable strap

The exterior is 2" squares of multi-color polka dots pieced together and the interior is the same fabric as the flap.

The tote came out so cute that I just can't stand it.  Go Bulldogs!!! 

main side

secondary side

The primary side is made with 2 fabrics pieced together and then trimmed with a chiffon ruffle and ric rac in school colors, then i appliqued her jersey numbers onto it.  The interior is also trimmed with a chiffon ruffle and ric rac.

These were quite fun to make, I will post a tutorial soon...

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  1. Love it. your blog page is great. looking forward to seeing more.